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Maybe he wont find out what I know

you are the last good thing about this part of town

Malcolm Baddock
14 April 1983
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Name: Malcolm Baddock
House: Slytherin
Birth date: April 18 1983
Bloodline: Pureblood
Possessions Always on This Person: crystal watch on wrist
First Impression: At first, people may find him cold, intimadating and tough by his looks. But once people get to know him, he is a charming guy when in a good mood.
Quirks/Habits: Holding grudges towards people he doesnt like, has a temper, doesnt show emotions of happiness to people he's not comfortable with
Likes: Slytherins, Money, Books, Quidditch, Girls..but hardly shows it, Coffeee, Hardworking type of people, Playing the piano
Dislikes: Slackers, Some Gryfindors, Girls who go with guys just for their money, Dumb people.
Quidditch: Fan of the International Irish Team. Trying out for Keeper of the Slytherin Quidditch Team
Favourite Classes: Potions, Charms
Friends: Malcolm knew Pansy Parkinson since they were young kids, since both parents are close with one another. And they have a very close friendship as well. He feels comfortable around her and he looks out for her but doesnt see her in a romantic type of way.

Millicent Bullstrode. He looks past her rough grundgy self and he finds her very easy to talk to. Which also, makes them close friends. Though when Pansy and Millie are in a fight, it's hard for him to take sides

Jonathan Harper, since they're very alike in many ways. Also, since they're both irish (Malcolm being half) they tend to have conversations around that area. Such as, quidditch.

Tracey Davis, another close friend thats a girl. He really doesnt find her that scary unlike other people.

He mostly would get along with slytherins and have more friends around that area. Though he doesnt mind the other houses besides gryfindor, its a bit uneasy for him to talk to someone out of the the slytherin house. Malcolm will open up to someone outside the slytherin house if he has respect for that person. But if he doesnt like someone, he shows it and plans not to become friends with them.
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Females
Appreciates: Money, Quidditch, Friends, His Brother
Frowns upon: Shallow girls, Immature people, Gossip starters, Gryfindors
Past Relationships: --
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Ambitions: To be sucessful.
Fears: Failure to his family and losing his brother.

Personality : Malcolm's personality is two sided. When someone gets him angry or if he's in a bad mood, he does go off. At times, Malcolm doesnt control the words he says. Which causes him to have such a tough reputation to have a temper. But among his friends, they know he isnt that bad as what people seem to let on. Malcolm is a charming young man when he is in a good mood, the type of person to do whats got to be done. He also looks more of the age of sixteen rather than the age of fifteen.

Malcolm is usually stressed on how he has to live up to his fathers standards. To be prestigious person. Which made Malcolm to be a hard-working and skilled type of guy, but he never has that much time to enjoy life. Some of his cousins say he couldve been in Ravenclaw, but Malcolm prefers to be a Slytherin. Malcolm rarely shows actual true emotions of laughter unless it is someone he is comfortable with. The only thing that makes Malcolm a calm person most times is his brother who has influenced his life greatly

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown & Shaved
Defining Marks: Nothing really
Dress Style: Mostly wears anything clean cut since he was raised that way. Long sleeve shirts that are collared and mostly black pants or jeans. He also wear hoodies a lot. The colors he wears the most his gray, green or blue.

Home Life
Home: The Baddock Mansion.
Parents: Matthew Baddock and Sara Baddock
Siblings: One older brother, Lincoln Baddock.
Parents' quirks: Matthew is a very formal and strict person. He is also a high matience type of guy who wants his family name to be known. He expects a lot from both sons. Sara Baddock is also someone who is high matience and very materialistic. But she also has a caring side of her for esp. her husband and sons
Family History: Though Malcolm spend time with his family, he hates the fact that he feels like he's caged up and living his father's goals, rather than his. But he feels like it is his duty to raise the Baddock name in such a high standard. He does have respect for his mother though, but also wishes that she wasnt so obssesed w/ expensive things. The only person he feels the most comfortable with is his older brother Lincoln who is 23 now.
Lincoln has been there for Malcolm since he was born. Lincoln isnt as smart as Malcolm but he's more of a creative person than logical. His brother was also placed in Slytherin but wasnt harsh as most slytherins. He's much more calm and collected than Malcolm is. Also he's wise when it comes to many things. Lincoln is a wonderful musician and writer, which inflenced Malcolm to continue playing piano.

Zodiac Sign Info A Slytherin Aries is a bundle of contradictions. In some ways, they have the potential to be the strongest of their House - the intensity, drive, and brilliant visionary dreams of the Aries combined with the innate leadership skills, the charisma, and the profound sense of self (including the eccentric lack of interest in conforming to what other people think) is stuff of which great magical legends are made. However, a Slytherin Aries has much to learn about politics, knowing who is an appropriate object of trust and who is not trustworthy, knowing when to keep one's mouth shut, and knowing when to avoid acting on impulse in order to use a situation to its best advantage. Although they hate to admit it, these Slytherins are easily manipulated by more cynical, shrewd peers in the Serpent's Den. If they can learn to manage their blind spots, they will go far. Slytherin Aries types can be quite cruel, especially if they have enough physical prowess to bully smaller students; those that are not cruel can still be thoughtless and brutally tactless without actually meaning to cause damage

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