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10:36pm 02/02/2007
Malcolm Baddock
Potter and Malfoy?

What the feck.
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10:04pm 13/01/2007
Malcolm Baddock
Hello the new year. Which means the OWLS are just a few months away. Great.
I did enjoy the vacation though. It was quite...interesting. The Irish Quidditch Game was bloody brilliant though. Of course, Jon and I had one of the best seats of the stadium. Of course, they won

Father sent me a letter yesterday stating that I have t get very high scores on the upcoming tests. Now I completely understand why Linc was complaining about tests a lot when he was in Hogwarts.

I need a drink.
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Victory never tasted so sweet  
11:30pm 01/12/2006
Malcolm Baddock
Nice job guys. I think we'll have a good season this year. At least practice is paying off, then.

Well...not that it was a difficult game or anything.

First time playing Keeper. I'm pretty content with my performance anyways.
Good thing we won though..

Who was watching the game?
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08:14am 18/11/2006
Malcolm Baddock
Well, it feels so good to be a 5th year.

That's all I have to say really...
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06:51pm 29/10/2006
Malcolm Baddock
Well I found myself a date. Which I dont mind going with. I mean I definitely dont mind going with Hm...who else in the slytherin house is attending the ball?

And also I still cant think of a costume. I dont want to go in a cheap typical muggle costume of course. Millicent said I should be a Ravenclaw...
Eh, I'll think of something.

Oh I also got in the quidditch team as a Keeper. All I need to do is change my broomstick...

I'm actually pleased who I'm going with to the dance. I asked her just in time too. I'm looking forward to the Ball. I wonder who Pansy is going with...
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04:01pm 23/09/2006
Malcolm Baddock
[Private to Padma]
It was nice talking to you. I'm glad to meet someone who also enjoys playing piano. You are different from what I expected you to be.

Well I'm just lying down on the couch of the slytherin common room, practically have nothing to occupy myself. I'm just...thinking about stuff I need to send a letter to Lincoln soon though. Whatre all of you guys up to?

[Private to Pansy]
Where have you been lately? I hardly even see you around Hogwarts. Something happened?
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stop reverse rewind.  
04:44pm 04/09/2006
Malcolm Baddock
Back to Hogwarts as a 5th year.

Well I wonder if anything great is going to happen. And I just realized it's also Pansy, Tracey, Daphne, and Millie's last year. Which leaves not much ladies in the best house there is.

Other than that, my year is the year of the OWLS...nothing really to worry about.

Hm...maybe I should try quidditch. ...I just dont want to be ordered aroundby that blondie weasel
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07:36pm 10/07/2006
Malcolm Baddock
Well, I guess I better update this...journal thing.
I mean I dont mind writing about things.

Hey everyone, Malcolm here! I guess I'm going to start writing in this now.

Now everyone you get to see all my rantings when I'm mad


I'm joking of course. I'm sure most of these entries will be rather descent if none of you get on my bad side
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